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Crossword puzzles first appeared in 1890 when Italian, Giuseppe Airoldi, first published "Per passare il tempo" ("To pass the time") in an Italian magazine. His four by four crossword grid with clues for across and down wasn't developed upon much until 1913 when an English journalist Arthur Wynne came up with a crossword that much more resembled the ones we are used to today. The crossword was actually called a "word-cross" puzzle and it was published in the New York World. Now you can play crosswords online like the ones below, for free.

Free Crossword GO1 Crossword GO1
Free Crossword GO2 Crossword GO2
Free Crossword GO3 Crossword GO3
Free Crossword GO4 Crossword GO4
Free Crossword GO5 Crossword GO5
Free Crossword GO6 Crossword GO6
Free Crossword GO7 Crossword GO7
Free Crossword GO8 Crossword GO8
Free Crossword GO9 Crossword GO9
Free Crossword GO10 Crossword GO10

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